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Shared Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is a form of shared transportation usually in a minibus or a coaster (larger than a minibus but smaller than a bus) between destinations. In most cases the shuttle routes operate on a daily basis with multiple departure times. It is important to note that shuttle buses unlike a public bus, are more secure, direct, and comfortable as they are equipped with air-conditioning and more personal attention to passengers. The shuttle service is often booked days in advance by visitors so it is important to reserve your seat in advance to ensure availability.

For reservations call free 1-877-281-8515 in the US & Canada or (506) 2233-5151 in Costa Rica or email us at

Departing from


Morning Shuttles

Afternoon Shuttles



Arenal (La Fortuna)

 Departure Time Arrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Dominical8:30am3:00pm   $87.00
Flamingo – Conchal8:00am1:00pm   $54.00
Hermosa Guanacaste8:30am1:30pm   $54.00
Jacó7:45am11:45am 2:00pm6:00pm$54.00
Manuel Antonio7:45am1:15pm 2:00pm7:30pm$54.00
Monteverde8:00am12:00pm  $54.00
Papagayo8:30am2:00pm  $54.00
Potrero8:00am1:30pm  $54.00
RIU Guanacaste8:30am1:30pm   $54.00
San José 7:45am 11:45am1:15pm5:15pm$54.00
Tamarindo8:00am1:00pm  $54.00
Uvita8:30am3:40pm   $93.00


 Departure Time Arrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Manuel Antonio6:15pm7:30pm 11:15am12:30pm $39.00
Arenal6:15am2:30pm   $87.00
Jacó 6:15am09:00am11:15pm2:30pm $87.00
Monteverde6:15am13:30pm   $80.00
San José6:15am11:30am11:15am5:30pm $87.00

Flamingo / Conchal (Services the beaches of Potrero and Brasilito)

 Departure Time Arrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal8:00am1:00pm  $44.00
Monteverde 2:00pm7:30pm$44.00
San José8:00am2:30pm2:00pm7:30pm$54.00

Hermosa (Services the beaches: Panamá, El Coco, and Ocotal)

 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal8:30am2:30pm  $54.00
Monteverde8:30am1:30pm  $55.00
San José8:30am2:30pm3:30pm9:00pm$54.00


 Departure TimeArrival Time   
Arenal 1:00pm5:00pm$55.00
Dominical9:00am3:00pm   $88.00
Flamingo – Conchal9:00am1:30pm  $64.00
Hermosa9:00am1:30pm   $55.00
Jacó8:00am11:00am  $64.00
Manuel Antonio8:00am12:00md  $64.00
Papagayo9:00am1:00pm  $55.00
Potrero9:00am1:30pm  $64.00
San José8:00am1:30pm1:00pm5:30pm$54.00
Tamarindo9:00am1:30pm  $64.00
Uvita9:00am3:30pm  $94.00


 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal 2:00pm6:30pm$54.00
Monteverde 2:00pm6:00pm$55.00
San José8:15am1:30pm 2:00pm7:00pm$54.00


 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal7:45am12:45pm 1:45pm6:45pm$44.00
Jacó8:00am1:30pm   $59.00
Manuel Antonio8:00am2:30pm   $59.00
Monteverde 1:45pm5:45pm$57.00
San José7:45am1:15pm 1:45pm7:15pm$56.00

Puerto Viejo – Cahuita

 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
San José 06:00am11:00am1:30pm6:30pm$54.00

RIU Guanacaste

 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal8:00am2:30pm   $54.00
Jacó8:00am1:30pm   $57.00
Manuel Antonio8:00am2:30pm   $57.00
Monteverde8:00am1:30pm   $58.00
San José8:00am2:30pm3:00pm9:00pm $54.00

San José

 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal 8:00am12:00md 2:00pm6:00pm$54.00
Dominical 7:00am12:30pm   $87.00
Flamingo – Conchal 7:30am1:00pm3:30pm9:00pm$56.00
Hermosa Guanacaste 7:00am1:30pm2:45pm9:00pm$54.00
Manuel Antonio08:00am12:30pm2:00pm6:30pm$54.00
Monteverde 8:00am12:30pm 2:00pm 6:30pm$55.00
Papagayo 7:30am 1:00pm 2:45pm 9:00pm$54.00
Potrero 7:30am 1:00pm 2:30pm 8:00pm$56.00
Puerto Viejo – Cahuita 7:20am12:20pm 2:30pm 7:30pm$54.00
RIU Guanacaste07:00am1:30pm2:45pm9:00pm$54.00
Sierpe07:00am1:30pm  $98.00
Uvita07:00am12:30pm  $93.00

Tamarindo Area

 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Arenal8:00am1:30pm2:00pm7:30pm $54.00
Jacó8:15am1:30pm   $54.00
Manuel Antonio8:15am2:30pm   $54.00
Monteverde 2:00pm6:30pm $55.00
San José8:00am1:30pm 2:00pm7:30pm $54.00


 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Manuel Antonio  11:00am12:30pm$43.00
Arenal6:00am2:30pm  $93.00
Jacó  11:00am2:30pm$93.00
Monteverde6:00am1:30pm  $93.00
San José11:00am5:30pm$93.00

Manuel Antonio

 Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time 
Fortuna7:30am 1:00pm1:30pm6:00pm$53.00
Jaco8:30am 9:45am1:00pm2:15pm$44.00
Monteverde 1:30pm 6:00pm$55.00
Montezuma & Tambor7:30am 1:00pm $62.00
San José8:00am 12:30pm1:00pm5:30pm$54.00
 Mal Pais7:30am 1:00pm $62.00

Valid from December 01/2018 to November 30/2019

For reservations call free 1-877-281-8515 in the US & Canada or (506) 2233-5151 in Costa Rica or email us at