In this article we will talk about free and low-cost activities in Costa Rica.

A plethora of free and low-cost activities are out there to be had, many of them no more than 1.000 colones or $US2.00. Also, the Viva section in La Nacion (a national newspaper), and the Calendar Page section of the Tico Times are also invaluable in terms of offering up to date, detailed information on current wallet friendly happenings.


The Peace Museum
2223-4664. Situated in Av. 2, Ca. 13, this museum is run by President Oscar Arias´ Foundation for Peace and Humanity. Oscar Arias was President of Costa Rica from 2006 – 2010 and was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987. And, in 2003 he was elected to the Board of Directors of the International Criminal Court´s Trust Fund for Victims.

The Museum of Costa Rican Art

2223-7155. Situated in La Sabana Park, which is just West of downtown San Jose features artists from Costa Rica as well as other parts of the world, and it is ideal for all ages and wallets as it is free on Sundays.

The Stamp Museum

2223-6918. Situated on Av. 1/3, Ca. 2 the museum runs around 150 colones or 30 cents US for adults and 100 colones or 20 cents US for children and features some very interesting stamp collections.

The Costa Rican Jewish Community Museum
2520-1013. Situated in the Western suburb of Rohrmoser, a few minutes West of La Sabana Park, this museum houses a treasure trove of photos, documentary films and more, and is free. Appointment only.


La Sabana Park

La Sabana Park features light displays and live performances during March for at least 2 weeks and is entirely free, except for if you decide to purchase arts and crafts items which are often available at very competitive prices.

San Pedro Art Fair

The San Pedro Art Fair takes place in December and is hosts to Artists from all over the world, including sculptors, painters, world-renowned jewelry makers and much more. Lively performances and scrumptious foods are also a major part of the fair, and a major reason for taking a gander at the event.

Expoarte Escazu

Expoarte in Escazu is held in March and is sponsored by the same organization that holds the San Pedro Art Fair. Likewise, the Expoarte Escazu event is host to Artists from all around the world, and a must do.


Plaza de la Cultura (Cultural Plaza)

Situated on Av. Ctrl./2., Ca. 5 and extending out beyond the National Theater, has many shops and restaurants that surround, allowing one to take a quick coffee break or enjoy some tasty ice cream.
Parque Nacional (National Park)
Situated on Av. 1/3, Ca.15/19 this park is replete with statues, fountains and all forms of greenery, which makes for a great spot to have a picnic with your other half, family or friends, and bask in the sun and fun.

Parque Morazan (Morazan Park)

Situated on Av. 3/5, Ca, 5/9 is host to many concerts at night and other special events and much more.

Parque de Espana (Spain Park)

Situated on Av. 3/7, Ca. 9/11, and like the Parque Morazan often hosts cultural events and festivities.

San Jose Urban Train

2221-0777. Provides a great escape from downtown San Jose with service to the west side, La Sabana Park and Pavas 200 colones or 40 cents US, and to the east side, in San Pedro, 300 colones or 60 cents US.

Parque de La Sabana (La Sabana Park)

Situated on on the west side of the city of San Jose is ideal for families to enjoy picnics, kite flying or walks along the greenery. Aerobic classes are often offered on weekends and are free to all, including the kids.

Parque de la Paz (Peace Park)

Situated on the east side of town, like La Sabana Park, offers many recreational activities for all. Also many nearby sodas (or places to get a snack and enjoy typical food such as rice, plantains and beans) abound.

The University of Costa Rica (UCR)

2511-4000. Situated in San Pedro, just a few minutes east of downtown San Jose, is one of the most respected educational institutions in all of Costa Rica, and is surrounded by much greenery. UCR host cultural events year round open to all, including arts and crafts festivals and much more.

The Universidad Nacional (UNA) (National University)

2277-3000. Situated a few miles North of San Jose and at a higher elevation in the city of Heredia, also offers a great chance to take part in cultural events, and enjoy the engaging campus environment.

Mark Twain Library

2207-7575. Situated on Ca. 37 in Barrio Dent. on the lower level of the Costa Rica/North American Cultural Center. A great place to check out books, and maybe enjoy a nearby café.


Let us not forgot many of the town fairs which will be listed in the 02 Feb. article, so please come back.
Ok. A sneak peak, the La Fortuna fair, will take place 1st week of Feb. featuring cattle shows, 2479-9185.

And while you are in La Fortuna, you might check out a charming hotel called the Arenal Volcano Inn, 2479-1122, that has one of the best pizzerias in the area, great vistas of Arenal volcano and a very friendly staff.


Featured Hotels and Activities


Then, after an exciting tour of the city, you can go relax at one of the many enchanting hotels in Escazú, such as the Alta Hotel which offers an inviting and elegant atmosphere with personalized service and a charming restaurant featuring fusion cuisine. Or Apartotel Villas Del Rio which includes 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites that can accommodate up to six guests in an elegant and secure environment.

Alta HotelApartotel Villas del Rio


A very popular tour just a few minutes from Escazú, is the San José City Tour in which you will visit beautiful Sabana Park, world-class museums, and the auspicious National Theater, which features a ballet that is replete with some of the best dancers from Costa Rica, and around the globe. During the tour, a bilingual guide will accompany you at all times. Also, check out some of the awesome One day tours departing from San Jose to nearby volcanoes, beaches and more.

San Jose City TourIrazu Volcano