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Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park protects a big portion of the Tropical Humid Forest of all Mesoamerica. Its diversity in climate conditions, location, soil, topography and biological species makes this place one of the most important national treasures.

It has many resources that are invaluable benefits for the agriculture and medicine fields, which has awakened an interest among Costa Ricans, foreigners and scientists. Corcovado National Park is an exclusive place for conservation goals, scientific investigation, environmental education and tourism.

Corcovado National Park has a unique combination of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and has a wide variety of flora, extinct in other regions of the country. It also has a wide variety of animal species as well, many of them in danger of extinction. Visitors may have a glance at the red macaw, wild boar, jaguar and the crocodile.

In Corcovado National Park you can experience a contrast between the primitive and the modern. The park has camping areas, lodges, information centers for tourists and nature trails. It is strongly recommended to use only the authorized trails.

Being a protected area in Costa Rica, hunting, harming or extracting flora, fauna or other materials, is not permitted. It is highly recommended to make reservations before visiting the Corcovado National Park.