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Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve

Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve was created on April 27th, 1978. The reserve’s extension is of 9.949.83 hectares and it is located between the Estrella and Telire Rivers, in the Talamanca Mountain Range.

Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve is 67.5 km away from Limon. It is surrounded by many indigenous reserves like Tayni, Telire and Talamanca.

This area belongs to La Amistad Caribe Conservation Area, owned by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Energy and Environment. This Reserve was declared a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO in 1993.
It has a humid tropical climate and a pre-mountain pluvial forest.

Hitoy Cerere protects more than 40 species, including endangered species such as ocelots, silk anteater, tapir and pecar. Visitors may also find pacas, agoutis, rabbits, white faced monkeys, raccons, coatis and squirrels.
Frogs and toads are also a main attraction in the area, including the poison dark colored frog. Other species to be found are the chirbalas, gallegos, cherepos and snakes.

Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve has over 30 species of amphibians and reptiles.

The invertebrates that populate this reserve are the leaf-cut army and bullet ants, bright colored, red butteflies, huge dragon posicionamiento web flies, metal colored bees, spiders and beetles. As well, there are many kinds of vegetables, palms, plants and big forest trees, which make canopy an incredible and must-do adventure.