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La Amistad Internacional National Park

La Amistad Internacional National Park is located in the Talamanca range. It is surrounded by other protected areas and indigenous territories. The park is considered to be the highest biologically diverse place and has 194.129 hectares of nature.

La Amistad Internacional National Park has been denominated as a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO.
It has an exhibition room, amphitheater, picnic area, beautiful landscapes and an abundant flora and fauna.
Valle del Silencio Trail has also a camping area. This trail is 20 km long, goes across the cloud forest and takes around 6 hours to hike it. During the long walk, visitors will see oak trees,quetzals,ferns and moss.

The Altamira –Sabanas Esperanzas Trails are perfect for either a walk or a horse ride. These trails take you to big savannas with altitudes of 1808 meters above the sea level. The trails take you through an old indigenous cemetery with rests of tombs, some of them illegally damaged. You can also see live oaks, white tail deers, wild pigs, coati mundi, spiders, monkeys, woodpeckers and quetzals.

Gigantes del Bosque Trail (Wood’s Giants Trail) has its name due to the presence of several 40 meter tall trees. It’s a 3 hour hiking trail and 3 km long. There are 2 observatories along the trail: a bird watching tower and the second one on the opposite side of the park, allowing visitors to admire the rural landscapes, agriculture, livestock and human settlements.

The best time to visit La Amistad Internacional National Park is from January to April.