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Juan Castro Blanco National Park

It is one of the youngest national parks in Costa Rica, created in 1995. It is located in the Alajuela province.

It covers approximately 50% of the primary cloud forests and rainforests. Platanar Volcano is still active, though its last eruption date in unknown. Juan Castro Blanco National Park’s area is of 35,700 acres.

Several endangered species live in this park including the quetzal, curassow, red brocket deer, and black guan. It is covered with mixed primary forests and clearings in the process of regeneration. Most notable species are lancewoods, oaks and yayo.

There are no public facilities in this national park. Some activities are well recommended such as hiking and bird watching.
Driving directions to Juan Castro Blanco National Park

From San Jose, take the highway to Alajuela. Drive to Ciudad Quesada, also known as San Carlos. The main entrance to the park is East of Ciudad Quesada.